Whether you are considering or have already implemented a comprehensive online solution or a hybrid teaching approach, the future of education will inevitably require a shift to digital.

About the webinar

The use of technology has already been observed in education, long before the pandemic, so the concept is not new. However, it does face criticisms for its effectiveness in maintaining quality pedagogical approaches and ensuring that students are focused and engaged in a remote environment.

During a free 1-hour live event, our panel of experts will show you how students can benefit from learning in a virtual environment while helping to increase knowledge discovery and retention.

Key topics included in the session

  • Find out simple ways to build and update interactive course content to keep up with the fast-paced industry.
  • Discover techniques to scale without losing the personalized teaching approach.
  • Learn about the features essential to creating a collaborative environment.
  • Ask all your questions during the Q&A session.

Watch a product demo on how the Alemira Coding Lab improves the learning experience.

Our panel of speakers

Dr. Peter Baumann
Professor of Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen
Dr. Peter Baumann is a Professor of Computer Science at JUB and founder, owner and CEO of Rasdaman. His groundbreaking work on datacubes and Array Databases have been documented by 160+ scientific publications and have awarded him international patents and numerous high-ranking innovations.
Alexander Smirnov
Senior Software Product Manager, Alemira
Alexander Smirnov is the senior software product manager at Alemira. Prior to joining Alemira in 2021, Alexander gained extensive knowledge as an Advanced Threat Protection Architect in Kaspersky. He obtained his master’s degree in applied mathematics and computer science at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Dipanjan Sarkar
Lead Data Scientist,
SIT Academy
An expert in all things data science, Dipanjan Sarkar has received honorable mentions such as “Top 10 Data Scientists in India, 2020”, “40 under 40 Data Scientists, 2021” as well as “Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning”.
Daniele Roncaglioni
Chief Technology Officer,
SIT Academy
Daniele joined SIT Academy in 2019 as a Software Developer Instructor and quickly moved into the role of Head of Engineering until 2020. Combining his technical experience with his innate sense of creativity, Daniele is skilled at working on projects where he manages a diverse but vertically integrated set of tasks.
Ilya Baimetov
Chief Product Officer,
Ilya Baimetov is an experienced software product and engineering leader with proven track record of ideation and development of complex software products. His expertise covers software platforms, cloud computing infrastructure, and business productivity software.

Our moderator

Cynthia Mak
Product Marketing Manager,

About Alemira

Alemira is a digital ecosystem for education and research. Our platform connects, integrates, simplifies learning, and automates processes for educators, researchers, administrators, lifelong and young learners.
Through advanced technology, our Active Learning platform and tools empower educators and learners through an immersive and personalized learning experience, enabling researchers to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Our mission is to transform learning, education and science and provide equitable access to quality education for the world.