About the webinar

What has become one of the biggest drivers of innovation in recent years? Data! To thrive in this age of the unexpected, companies must leverage data. The need for new technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI/ML in organizations is paired with the demand for data literacy skills to ensure the effective application of this knowledge. The use of data can lead to strategies & transformation tailored to the needs of the organization, create better decision-making processes, and improve financial performance, among several other benefits.

But how can this be achieved when business professionals and tech experts have different skill sets? How can your organization influence its digital transformation agenda? Hear from top professors and industry insiders on how to ensure you can respond to competitive pressures using data and analytics across all operations during SIT Learning’s free live webinar.

Key topics covered

  • Lost in translation: When business and tech people are unable to communicate effectively.
  • Overview of upcoming global trends and potential issues.
  • How to overcome industry gaps and increase overall professional value?
  • The proof is in the data: Some success stories & examples.
  • What is the SIT Learning MMA program?
  • Q&A Session.
  • Bonus: Some exclusive perks for participants during the webinar.

Our speakers

Yuri Levin Photo

Yuri Levin
Founding CEO of SIT Learning

Yuri Levin is the founding CEO of SIT Learning. Prior to this he was Dean of one of the world’s most prestigious School of Management. In 2016 he was named by Poets and Quants as one of the 40 top professors under 40. He has received no fewer than eight awards for the quality of his research and teaching. He has consulted widely on consumer behavior modeling and pricing optimization and has led major corporate programs in strategic analytics, analytical decision-making, and strategic pricing optimization.

Alex Scott Photo

Alex Scott
Academic Director,
SIT Learning MMA,

Alex Scott is the Academic Director for the SIT Learning MMA, the Director of Group Risk Management products at Borealis AI, RBC’s AI Research Institute, an instructor in the Analytics group at the Smith School of Business. At Borealis AI he is the product owner for all AI products in the risk line of business. Prior to Borealis AI, Alex led data science teams in the Analytics Center of Excellence at TD Bank and held various roles in management consulting at EY, Novantas, and the Carly Rian Group.

He has experience leading analytics programs, products, and courses at financial institutions and public sector organizations around the world.

Our moderator

Bojana Milosevic Photo

Bojana Milosevic
Head of PR/Events,
Schaffhausen Institute of Technology.

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